Can Samsung Actually Become a Startup?

Samsung and other companies are trying to morph to startup culture. By dressing down, working in hotel/open spaces, cafeteria banners? How do you get thousands or even hundreds of thousands of employees you hired into a particular culture to reject it and come to a new culture? Industries and verticals have different product and innovation refresh cycles, and so the organizational cultures and employee personalities are different, For example, hardware and software, or traditional CPG and electronically enhanced CPG.

Is Google’s restructuring into Alphabet the way of the future? Not automatically as we have worked with several companies where a new products innovation division has the same tempo and culture as the parent, cluttered with key resource sharing, multi-layer matrix management and processes slower than their target market is moving. Competitors with scrappier cultures, equally large and venerable, are beating them into new product areas, defining the market, becoming the default leaders.

Is the solution creating a new organization, located far away from the parent, with a balance of freedom and senior executive level oversight? In effect, the parent becomes an angel investor, but does the parent’s Board have angel investors’ risk tolerance?

We created this diagram based on our experiences; does it apply to yours?